Couples Counseling
Photo of couples counseling

In couples therapy, our client is most often the relationship-- not one side or the other. Romantic relationships are dances and, like any other dance, the outcome is a product of "we" rather than "him" or "she." In these sessions, our couples therapists offer a balanced approach that targets both halves of the dance-- it's not about blame or shame. Typically, the first phase of couples therapy involves moving the partners from a position of wishing the other person would change to taking personal responsibility for their "half" of the problem (and solution). This is a short list of the issues we've helped couples change in the past:

  • Communication & Intimacy Issues
  • Infidelity
  • Uncoupling Therapy
  • How to Divorce Well
  • Divorcing with Children
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Co-Parenting Problems
  • Co-Parenting Despite Divorce
  • GLBT-Specific Parenting/Family Issues
  • Differences in Parenting Styles
  • Co-Parenting Together for the First Time
  • Talking About Sex